The Suffern Sea Lions is a comprehensive year-round United States Swimming (USS) swim program.   The coaching staff is dedicated and flexible to the needs of the individual. There are 3 sessions throughout the year and they are as follows:
  The Fall/Winter Session runs from September through April.

  The Spring Session runs from May through June.

  The Summer Swim League runs from July through mid-August.

The Suffern Sea Lions offers four levels of training - Beginner, Advanced Beginner, Junior, and Senior.  All four levels improve stroke technique and muscle endurance.   Swimming is FUN... and a life-long sport!   Becoming a member of SSL will provide you with opportunities to develop your self confidence by meeting individual and team challenges.

Click on the link below for the list of events that will be swimming "Finals Only" on Wednesday, 7/30/14:
Finals Only Events










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