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Travel Policy
The Suffern Sea Lions take no responsibility for its members travelling to practices or competitions.  Coaches are not approved to drive members to events.

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United States Swimming (USS) Swim Meet Schedule
Spring / Summer 2016

Parents Please Note: 

Meet entries for USS meets must be sent in approximately 1 month before the meet.
You must let the coaches know by the "deadline date" for the meet
if your swimmer is unable to attend.
If we have not heard from you 4 weeks prior to the meet, it will be assumed that the swimmer can attend and your swimmer will be signed up for the meet.
If you scratch (do not show) for a meet, you will be asked to pay the entry fees lost by the team, including the relay(s) if there is no one to replace your swimmer.
Date Meet Location Directions Events/Details Meet Entries Eligible Swimmers
06/03/2016-06/06/20162016 - MR Condors Summer Solstice Felix Festa

 See Meet Details.

Events Details Meet Entries All groups.
07/09/2016-07/10/20162016 - MR - Patriot Firecracker Invitational Lehman College

 See Meet Details.

Events Details Meet Entries All groups.